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What is MapleStory iTCG?

MapleStory iTCG is a trading card game that is put out by Wizards of the Coast. It is based on the MMO MapleStory put out by Nexon. The trading card game was released for players of the Global edition of MapleStory, in November of 2007. The trading card game is currently on-hold and has not seen a new release since Set 5: Behold Zakum was released in November 2008.


We have compiled a FAQ section from the questions that have been asked at the Wizards of the Coast MapleStory card game forums. These are questions that the players have asked. We would like to thank all the members that contribute by the questions they ask. The more we learn about this game, the more fun it will be to play.

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Not only do we link you to offical website forums and fan forums, but we now offer our own set of forums. So pop in an discuss!

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Latest News Site News

A new forum section has popped up at Nexon site called iTCG online. There is also an announcement saying that there will be a flash browser game released sometime soon. Will this be new cards mixed with old cards? Or just the exsisting cards? We don't know yet, but click here to read the announcement.


As of the 0.73 patch, the codes for the iTCG can now be redeemed again. As for Nexon returning lost codes, no word on that yet.


Several sources have said that due to talks between Wizards and NEXON, the finished Set 6 has been put on hold and will not be sent to the printers yet. The game is not officially cancelled as fas as I know.

If you want Set 6 to be released and your voice heard, sign our Set 6 Petition.


Set 6: Pirates: Dangers of the Deep Sea

Expected Ship Date: 03/23/09

Card Count: 120

New Game Mechanics:

  • "Swab the Deck"
  • "Feeding Frenzy"
  • "Savage"

    Includes 4th job skills for Thief and Magician

  • "Ninja Ambush"
  • "Resurrection"


    Released: Set 5: Behold Zakum

    Check your local retailors for the lastest exciting 90 card set!


    A preview of the boosters box and three cards were shown here yesturday. Keep checking back as each day three new cards will be previewed until Wizards updates their card database for Set 5.

    Set 5 - "Behold Zakum"
  • Release date: November 11
  • 90 card set
  • 05/13/2009
  • Added the MapleStory iTCG plugin for LackeyCCG.
  • Added a petition for the release of Set 6.
  • Added remaining card images for sets 2, 3, 4, & 5. Go the Card Sets section too see them.
  • Added images and information for Set 5 In-Game items.
  • Added a FAQs section to help assist current and new players.
  • Changed site size to 985 pixils wide.
  • Added card images for Set 5: Behold Zakum
  • Added info on Clashing.
  • Added a page on Game Rules.
  • Updated the Codes and Items page to include information on the in game items.
  • Added information on card layout.
  • Uploaded scans of cards from set 1
  • Added Checklists for sets 1 - 4.
  • Uploaded scans of cards from sets 2, 3, & 4.
  • Added the list of code items from set 4.
  • Checklists:
    Set 1 OMG! Bosses P3ts NPC Heroes Behold Zakum
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