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Codes & Items

Types of Codes

To date there have been three different types of codes released. Beginning with Set 5, the pet porcupine code looked like the standard code.

  • The maple champion code (P0X XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX)
  • The pet code (C0X XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX)
  • The standard code (XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX)

Maple Champion

The Maple Chapion codes were pre-release and promo codes given out.


Some of the sets had pet codes so that you could redeem codes for a pet that would last 30 days. After the 30 days your pet would turn into a doll and then the regular in game pet rules apply.

Following is a list of pets you could get from the various sets.

Set 1 Set 2: OMG Bosses! Set 3: P3ts Set 5: Behold Zakum
C01 - Black Bunny C01 - Black Bunny C04 - Orange Tiger Porcupine
C02 - Blue Husky C02 - Blue Husky C05 - Skunk
C03 - Porcupine

Standard Codes

The bulk of the codes you will find are the standard ones. These codes can be redeemed for either consumable or quest items. You will need to combine the quest items with other additional in-game items to create weapons, armor, or various other equips.

Note that the Jr. Yeti and Pepe code card from the starter set will allow you to redeem the Red Relaxer.

Following is a list of items from the various sets you could get from the codes. To learn what can be made from some of these items, go to our Forging and Upgrading section.

Set 1      
Antellion Relic Black Versal Materia Blinking Dingbat Dark Matter
Gelt Chocolate x2 Ginger Ale x10 Mystic Astrolabe Naricain Jewel
Power Elixir x10 Subani Ankh Taru Totem Vorticular Gyro
White Versal Materia Zeta Residue    

Set 2: OMG Bosses!      
Ancient Armor Ancient Boots Ancient Faceguard Ancient Gi
Ancient Greaves Ancient Helm Barricade Booster x3 Crystal Shard
Ginger Ale x5 LeFay Jewel Mapleade x5 Naricain Demon Elixir
Pharoah's Wrapping Ridley's Bk. of Rituals Stone Tiger Head Subani's Mys. Cauldron
Typhon Crest      

Set 3: P3ts      
Akha Jungle Juice x5 Kuma Maku (LUK)
Make (STR) Mapleade x5 Primal Brew x2 Spirit Herbs x2
Taru Face Paint x3 Taru Spirit Cape Taru Spirit Feather Umaru

Set 4: NPC Heroes      
Ridley's Def. Scroll x5 Ridley's Stone Stirge Signal Stirge-on-a-Stick
Stirgeman Cape Stirgeman's Util. Pants T-1337 Superchargr x5 Triferium Fuel Cell

Set 5: Behold Zakum      
Adonis Cauldron x5 Cloak of Corruption Crystal Blade El Nathian Cape
Elixir of Darkness x5 Gold Dust x5 LeFay Jewel Miner's Hat
Naricain Jewel Pharoah's Wrapping Ridley's Bk. of Rituals Stone Denari
Subani Ankh Taru Totem White Versal Materia  
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