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Starter Set

  • 32-card deck including an online code card
  • 2 character cards
  • 9-card booster pack including one or more online code cards
  • Game Rules
  • CD-Rom with the MapleStory online game client, iTCG searchable card database, and more
  • Purchased from

Set 1 Trial Packs

  • 4-cards per pack including an online code cad
  • Coupon card good for $2.00 off of a Starter Set at Target (expires 01/01/08)
  • Currently Unavailable

Set 1 Booster Packs

Set 2: OMG! Bosses Booster Packs

Set 3: P3ts Booster Packs

Set 4: NPC Heroes Booster Packs

Set 5: Behold Zakum Booster Packs

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