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Set 6: Pirates: Dangers of the Deep Sea

According to sources, Set 6 was available for presale orders in early 2009. The release date was set for March, however the set disappeared from presale lists and the game was put on hold.

Other sources have said that the set was finished and ready for the printers. It was rumored that discussions between Wizards of the Coast and Nexon were the reason for the game to be put on hold. Now with the release of iTCG Online from Nexon, it seems that those rumors may have been true with Nexon possibly wanting full control of the game.

No known images have appeared on the internet of Set 6, but depending on the popularity of iTCG Online from Nexon, we eventually could see if surface there.

Prior to the announcement of iTCG Online, this site ran a petition for many months calling for the release of Set 6. We are no longer actively pursuing signatures as Nexon is releasing iTCG Online and it seems like a petition would do no good since Wizards of the Coast could no longer release it if they wanted to anyway. So it is being left as an archive of what this site has tried to do in the iTCG community.

Set 6 Petition
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