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Playing Surface

There should be enough room in front of you to place your Draw pile and be able to create a Discard pile. Also keep in mind that when you level up your character you are adding cards under your character card so there will need to be room for that also. Lastly you will need a playing field are that can be used for the various Monsters, Pets, Items, NPCs and Bosses. You character will start the game already on the playing surface, do not mix the character card into the deck.

Card Colors

The game currently has 5 different colors/types. You will want to choose your cards wisely as the character card you choose will be a certain color/type. Many people choose either one of two colors to play as their deck, but it is completely up to you on how many colors you include in your deck.

  • Green  =  Bowman
  • Red     =  Magician
  • Black  =  Thief
  • Blue    =  Warrior
  • White  =  Jobless (These cards are officially colorless, but have a white background).

To Begin and End a Game

Each player shuffles his or her deck prior to the start of the game. By flipping a coin, drawing straws or any method which you use to decide who goes first, that player draws 5 cards from the top of their deck. The other player will draw 6 cards from the top of their deck. For rules on how the turn works, click here. A player wins when their opponents Character card reaches 0 HP (hit points).

How to Play Cards

Each turn you level up your character by placing a card under it. Your character starts at level 0 and each card placed under it adds 10 levels to your character. The card you choose to level up with will have the character action still showing. Character actions are what tell you what cards you can play from your hand.

For example the above image diagrams a character action.

  • The level requirement and action cost is 50 and 1 bowman card, meaning that your character must be level 50 or higher and have at least 1 bowman card under your character in order to do the character action.
  • The action text tells you what action you can perform at level 50 and 1 bowman car under your character. In this case you can play any monster or tactic bowman card that is level 40 or less.
  • The level increase tells you how many levels your character goes up when you play the card as a level up card. This card levels your character by 10 levels.
  • The card type image identifies what type of card you have, refer to the color/type paragraph above for the different types. Here you see that this is a bowman card type.
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