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I created a MapleStory iTCG Checklist for all current sets using Microsoft Excel. I have color coded the sets in order to show what sets the cards come from when I inter-mix them on the website. Also, I originally designed this with Excel 2007, but also saved a version that could be opened with Excel 2003 or earlier. I apologize if that one has some issues. Also on a side note, if anyone uses the OpenOffice equivilent of Excel and wants me to make them a version in that, I can do so, just let me know.

When you open the workbook you can click the sets logo to jump directly to that sets sheet. In addition the spreadsheet offers the ability to sort using the following values: Card Type, Card Level, Character Attack, Character HP, Card Name, Action Cost, Character Action Text, or Rarity symbol. You can sort by one of these or various ones at once in order to locate the certain cards you need to at a given time.

As new sets and cards are added so to will I update this and place it here for download. You are free to update this yourself as well with MapleStory iTCG or any additional TCG you may play.

Hope you find this useful and Happy Mapleing!

Click Here to download the MapleStory iTCG Excel 2003 Spreadsheet
Click Here to download the MapleStory iTCG Excel 2007 Spreadsheet
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